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You are a Goddess

A Daughter of the Moon

Living Goddess RPG
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
This is a Daughters of the Moon Role Playing Game. :)


- The plot is pretty simple -
It is around the time of the 8th book.
Jimena still has her powers.
Maggy is still around.
We have all the couples.
Kyle appears early in this game.
Chris is around.

For Auditioners

- Be detailed, show that you care
- Be interesting, boring stinks
- Watch out for grammer and spelling
- dON't TyPE lIkE ThIS, it's an auto-no
- Don't be stupid
- Its okay if you don't have experiance

For Members

- Don't be stupid
- Keep watching for grammer
- 3rd person entries are fine
- Play nice - it's only a game. Keep hatred in character
- Stay true to your character

For Voters

- Be nice
- Post reasons for your vote
- Only vote if you are on the voting staff


Don't forget grammer and spelling. Read rules for members.

A 1st person post is when you write as if it is a journal entry.
Eg- "Today was pretty good. I sat outside and read my book"

A 3rd person post is when you tell as story
Eg - "Serena ran outside and embrased Stanton. Their lips locked just as the shadows consumed them"

If you want to post private thoughts (in your first person entry) use a cut and put something like "Private" on it or "Private exept for Catty" if you want only Catty to read it. or "Private from Catty" if you don't want her to read it. Get it?

If a person used a strike out in a 1st person entry you can't read it.
Eg - I hate don't mind Tianna
You don't see that I put hate...at least your character doesn't.

Your character can't read minds!! (Unless they are Stanton or Serena...lol)
If you are Catty and you see Vanessa post "Wow, I should start my homework" Vanessa thought as she walked and talked about the Atrox with Catty. Can't can't all of a sudden start talking about homework.


Go here - goddess_app
Copy and Paste into the comment box, write it out, and comment.


Contact xserenax by AIM, E-mail, or Commenting in her Journal
Her information is listed below


- MOD -

Name - Serena Killingsworth
AIM - cryingxxcrimson
E-mail - witheringxfast@yahoo.com
Role - Goddess (The Key)
Power - Mind Reading


Name - Catty Turner
AIM - tikiflower23
E-mail - teikyflower23@yahoo.com
Role - Goddess (Keeper of the Scroll)
Power - Time travel